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KAIYA Beach Resort

A life in harmony.

With a name inspired by an ancient word for connection and comfort, Kaiya Beach Resort brings a refreshing new experience to 30A. A lifestyle of feeling carefree and cared-for. From expertly curated fine dining and recreational adventures, to the concierge service and VIP benefits of the members-only Kaiya Club. Kaiya nurtures balance with luxurious homes that blur the line between indoor and outdoor living and spacious floor plans balance the excitement of family life with the quiet of private moments.

Home is our sanctuary in a hectic world. For this legacy resort community, the developers of Kaiya Beach Resort engaged world-renowned Khoury & Vogt Architects to design a community encompassing our most cherished hopes and dreams. Featuring luxury-sized lots and seamless indoor-outdoor entertaining spaces, a Kaiya home is one where the walls dissolve leaving only room for relaxation, reflection, and rejuvenation. For these limited Kaiya 30A offerings, we recognize that where we live, affects how we live.


Kaiya is a place of harmony. It is a place where many carefully curated, life-giving parts work in unison to create a life-enhancing and hopefully life-changing whole: beauty, balance, wellness, wonderment, healing, restoration, romance, vibrance, excellence. Kaiya is an ever-growing, ever-blooming, ever-living experience. It is a place to fall madly in love with the amazement of the morning. A place to stroll wistfully through the rest and laziness of the afternoon. A place to embrace delicately the spirit of the evening.

Kaiya Club

The Kaiya Club was created for those individuals who desire an even deeper level of personalized service. While we believe that Kaiya hospitality is universal to all owners and guests, the Kaiya Club membership provides a carefully curated and reserved experience. Our belief at Kaiya is based on the idea that in order to better meet needs, we must first better understand needs. We understand the need for privacy. We understand the need for highly personalized housekeeping and pool services. We understand the need for carefully orchestrated pantry services. We understand the need for uncomplicated payment procedures. We understand the need for high-touch beach and pool service. We understand the need for a comprehensive one-on-one wellness program. We understand the need for a seamless experience that is the full embodiment of life-enhancing harmony. We understand these needs, and thus the Kaiya Club was born.

The Beach House

Gently nestled among the lush vegetation of towering sand cliffs and quietly overlooking the soul-enriching energy of emerald waters, the Kaiya Beach Club rises. Scheduled for completion in 2022, the Kaiya Beach Club is an embodiment of the best of the Kaiya spirit: beauty, restraint, intimacy, wellness, romance, fellowship, nourishment, care. The Kaiya Beach Club is a hidden gem granting each of our Kaiya Club members private access to one of the most sought-after beaches in the world. It is here where Kaiya Club members can embrace an experience that is both intimate and vibrant. Here is an experience that immerses one into an embodiment of being cared for while at the same time having the freedom to be on their own.

Sales Studio Open Daily

Monday-Saturday 10AM-5PM | Sunday 12-5PM

25 Kaiya Avenue
Inlet Beach, Florida 32461

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