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Pouring Fun Into Events Along The Emerald Coast | Kombi Keg

Whether it’s for 15 people or 500 people, Kombi Keg will add a level to your event that you have never seen before.  Every guest that has the chance to see Kombi Keg always has an amazing time! The classic Volkswagen, with 6 taps and a TV create a memory for all ages to cherish!  We love being able to provide an extremely fun experience while also being efficient for our customer!

Kevin Schmidt, Kombi Keg 30A/Florida Partner

We were excited to learn about what Kevin Schmidt and Patrick Nasri’s Kombi Keg brings to the table… or should we say party! From weddings to festivals and everything in between, KombiKeg 30A pours fun into any event.

What was the inspiration behind joining Kombi Keg?

My best friend and business partner Patrick Nasri and I always wanted to go in together on a business.  We talked for a long time about different ideas and what we could do.  When I saw Kombi Keg pop up on my Facebook, I instantly sent the information to Patrick and said “THIS IS IT!”…He 100% agreed, and in no time, Kombi Keg 30A and Kombi Keg Florida were born!

What is your mission?

Our mission with Kombi Keg 30A is to bring a new and exciting business to the area that can be used by people of all ages, any business type, etc.  #endlesssummer is a motto that we like to live by and no matter the event, party, age group, etc. people have a blast all the time!

We started Kombi Keg Florida to be able to grow the Kombi Keg brand across the State of Florida and to allow other like-minded entrepreneurs an opportunity at owning their own business!  With hands-on support provided by us locally, we knew it would be a great success to the Kombi Keg team that is headquartered in Australia.

How long has your business been in the area and what is the process for bringing Kombi Keg to the party?

Our van, Stella, first arrived in the area in June of 2019.  The process is pretty simple: visit to send in an inquiry and we will make it happen!  We will work with you to create a beverage selection that accommodates all guests. Beverage decisions are not needed until closer to the event itself, so customers can simply pay the deposit for the rental to hold their date while we work on the menu.

What is your most popular beverage on tap? How often do you add/change varieties?

The greatest thing about Kombi Keg is that the beverages are changed to the preference of the customer!  So whatever you want, if we can get it, you can have it!  From Beer, Margaritas, Kombucha, Prosecco, Cold Brew Coffee, Teas, Sodas, etc…we can do it! Our most popular beer that we do has to be any beers from Destin Brewery. After that, a solid Margarita is a second favorite!

What kind of events/entertainment do you service? Which event has been your favorite so far?

We can service your small backyard BBQ all the way to a full festival with thousands of people!  We have done HOA meetings, corporate events, neighborhood tailgates, birthday parties, rehearsal dinners, receptions, retirement party, beer festivals, art festivals, taco & tequila festival, and many more!  Because we also have the 50” TV that pops up, it allows us to stream games, movies, slideshows, etc. to make the event even better!

I think by far the festivals we get to do on the Harbor and in Baytowne are our favorite.  The amount of people that come through to experience Kombi Keg is amazing and people always have a great time!

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