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A Passion for Sharing the 30A Life | Beach Habitats 30A

Meet Michael Mallory and Lanier Marshall, two Alabama-to-Florida transplants who made 30A their home after years of visiting in the area, much like many of the area’s fulltime residents. After pursuing individual career paths, these two professionals realized the need for a different kind of property management company, and Beach Habitats 30A was born. Characterized by its customer-driven, hands on business philosophy, Beach Habitats 30A has been successfully fulfilling both homeowner’s and vacationer’s dreams for nearly five years and counting.

What was the inspiration behind Beach Habitats 30A?

We saw a major need in the market for a boutique-style property management company, focused on quality instead of quantity. Many of the existing area management companies were relying on securing as many reservations as possible by cutting rates and over occupying homes which leads to abuse of the property and unhappy guests. We founded Beach Habitats 30A with the goal of creating a new style of property management, one that begins with a transparent and open relationship with the homeowner and ends with guests having a magical 30A experience.

What services do you offer?

We provide comprehensive property management and short-term rental management services. We take special care to ensure our properties are maintained in immaculate condition with frequent inspections and mandatory maintenance. We take care of the owners who invest in us by increasing demand and improving the true value of their luxury vacation property. When servicing such prestigious properties, details are everything, and that is where we make the difference. Our team of professionals pride themselves in ensuring we stand apart from the competition in property care, revenue generation, and luxury vacation experience.

What makes your company different from your competitors?

As a boutique company our focus is not on bringing on as many homes as possible, it is bringing on the right homes that fit our small portfolio. Homeowners with Beach Habitats 30A always have direct access to the two owners, not a property manager. Our goal is to get the top rates, while securing the best clientele. We invest heavily in our software which leads to increased rentals and rates, and we also pay our housekeeping and maintenance staff well, so we keep the best employees in the business. 

Michael Mallory & Lanier Marshall | Beach Habitats 30A

Why did you choose property management?

We feel passionate about working with our homeowners and sharing our love of 30A with our guests. We both had relatable experience either directly in property management or in land development and software application making it a natural fit for our collective talents. We take pride in representing some of the most premier properties in the area, and in ensuring that our guests have extraordinary experiences. The most rewarding part of our job is receiving photos and stories from our guests about their time at the beach.

What is your favorite thing about life along the Gulf Coast?

We both grew up in the South and appreciate the small-town feel, classic southern hospitality, and endless outdoor recreation opportunities. From fishing and hunting to long boat rides to just sitting on the beach, we feel fortunate to be raising our families here, and to be in a profession that allows us to share this special place with so many.

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